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i am getting sugar gliders and do everything right

PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:15 pm
by lovebunny
If anyone have the right way but not to hard for me to make the food for them right way inland i can get the stuff for it please help me out i am new it be 13 month be for i get them here . Ty all :)

Re: i am getting sugar gliders and do everything right

PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:52 pm
by James
I have kept my groups alive for a very long time using basic food ingredients with no need to order special stuff in the mail. The staple food ingredients would probably be diced mixed vegetables and diced meats. Anything else is secondary such as fruits, nectar mix...

So for meats, you can change what you feed nightly if possible. Ground turkey, chicken, hamburger, pork, beef, eggs, shrimp, experiment with some fish... The goal is to get them to eat a variety of things across the week to help fill in where something else might be lacking. The veggies are also important and can be changed around as much as possible too. I do well with the diced mixed veggies I can find in the freezer.

Diced fruits every once in awhile, natural yogurts, experiment with other people's recipes for things.

If you feed a calcium source every day you really do not need to supplement. But it is also easy to grind up egg shells and use that as calcium powder in any of the foods you prepare.

In the end it really isnt that hard. Feed a balanced diet, toss in some treats on occasion and try to keep the calcium up a little, not a lot. ie: DO NOT sprinkle calcium powder on daily feedings. That is way too much for them.

If you read through other diets, you will start to get a good feel for the "norm" of a feeding. And if you only have on or two animals, they really dont eat that much so you will be using the freezer a lot.