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New glider bonding issues

PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2013 7:51 am
by scoobydoo
I have a new glider, she is fully grown adult. I am trying to bond with this glider but she keeps biting me, never enough to cause any harm but just enough to startle me and I think it is getting in the way of the boning process. I know it is possible she will never bond with me in a friendly way. She is my first glider and has come from an abusive life and I am trying to give her what she has never had. I let her run around my room and on me but she is extremely cautious and still bites :cry: :oops: I will keep the glider regardless if she becomes friendly or not.

Re: New glider bonding issues

PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2013 10:57 pm
by James
Most will suggest that gliders are better off in pairs, bonded or not. If in fact this one never warms up to you, you should certainly find it a cage mate. Same gender is often best but not mandatory.

I have given up offering bonding advice to people other than it takes lots and lots of time and patience. I have a blind glider that bites me always and irrelevantly, but I have noticed that the more I treat him the more he is getting used to being treated. Also, when he is busy chowing down on a mealworm, he has no care that I am petting him. So a lot of repetition can make a dent. Treats almost always win.

Re: New glider bonding issues

PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:08 pm
by BarbieJP
Hey! Yes! I have a question for people who have owned suggies, i got 2 sugar glider females from my friend almost a week ago, she didnt hold them would only talk to them and pet them lightly, one is almost if not 2 years old, the other is 8 months. the 8 month old bit me when i tried giving her honey on my finger (didnt pull away before she got all the honey off so my fault), anyway these are my first ever sugar gliders, the 2 year old has babies in her pouch as i've been able to feel them moving around in there when i am able to get near her for a second.
whenever i try to pet either one of them they run away unless i hand them a small treat. i have been putting a dirty peice of clothing over top of their cage each night. i talk to them as much as i can, and i do not have a bonding pouch but a home made open pouch that i have a clip attached to to hang in the cage for and during the day i put that in to my shirt while they are sleeping in there. i want to be able to hold them, but i cant get close enough to them because they run away, and i'm a bit scared to try to pick them up because i dont want to hurt them especially the one with babies, also a wee bit scared to get bit again (when i was bit it hurt really bad and took some skin off but didnt bleed). i'm babbling but really want to know some tips and tricks to help them bond with me so eventually i could carry them around with me and pick them up without them crabbing or running away or biting me! =( they are so cute!