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Glider Attacks, HELP!

PostPosted: Sat Dec 27, 2014 10:21 pm
by GliderLady28
I'm a momma to five little fuzz butts. We started with two, mom Squeaker and dad Worf who had two sons Alex and Zeus and a daughter Azza. Back in October, Worf was caught chewing on Alex. Mind you, both Alex and Worf are fixed, we're gonna get Zeus fixed this month as he's not quite old enough yet. I encountered this before back when Worf and Squeaker were mating so I put Alex in a temporary cage to heal. No sooner do I put him back that I catch Squeaker chewing on him! So I had to separate him again! He finally healed up enough to be put back with everyone else last week and now I find that Worf has been chewed on! I was forced to put him in the temporary cage tonight. I can't take it!! What do I have to do to get these guys to stop tearing into each other?! I feel horrible that they can't seem to live together and being isolated to heal can't be good for moral. Is there anything I can do? I don't think I could bare selling someone and I can't afford a permanent cage right now :cry:

Re: Glider Attacks, HELP!

PostPosted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 12:54 pm
by James
It may well be a female causing this havoc. You could continue as you have been but pull out a female and see how that goes. My experience suggests the younger female as a culprit. They can be tenacious. Boys usually fight and it ends. Females keep on being mean.