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Selling sugar gliders in Northern VA

PostPosted: Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:51 am
by tcarnes2013
Selling brother and sister sugar gliders in Northern VA. The male is shy but warms up very quickly into a sweet and very curious/adventurous glider. The female is very shy and takes a bit longer to warm up but when she does, she is very very sweet. The gliders come with a large cage with many toys, large Wheel with interchangeable tracks (regular and filing track), 2 feeding dishes, large lightly used bag of glider food, 1 unopened bottle of glide-a-mins, and 1 open bottle of glide-a-mins, bonding pouch, and hanging pouch that they sleep in. Have plenty of pictures of the little guys I can email. Message me to negotiate price. Can deliver if within an hour or two or can be picked up!